The narrow, charming streets, beautiful architecture, a beer in the pub, where he created Świetlicki, MELEX ride, a place where history was made Polish – all this you will find only in Krakow.

They began to travel. It is time to travel, explore and to relax. Probably most of us have long wondered about the choice of that this summer could be seen. One of the most beautiful places in Poland’s Krakow.

Krakow is located on the Vistula River in the southern part of the country. One of the oldest Polish cities. It is characterized by more than 1000 years of history. For 1795 years the Polish capital, and in 1611 the seat of Polish kings.
According to legend, Krakow was founded by Prince Krak. The first mention of the city comes from the writings of Ibrahim ibn Jakub of 966 years.

When you are familiar outline of the history, you can start a trip to Krakow. Let’s start at the Matejko Square, where the King’s Road starts. This tour includes the Barbican, Florian’s Street, Grodzka and Kanonicza to then end up on Wawel Hill. This tour will visit St. Mary’s Church, Cloth Hall, the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Wawel Castle and many other architectural wonders of Krakow.

Krakow Wawel

Krakow Wawel

Also worth a visit Kazimierz. Once a city founded by King Casimir the Great, part of which was inhabited until the Second World War by the Jewish population. During the war, the district was carved into a Jewish ghetto, where the Nazi authorities made the liquidation of the community living there.

Visiting Kazimierz, we see a synagogue, a Jewish cemetery or graveyard or a house of Helena Rubenstein. This trip will allow us to close knowledge of Jewish culture. Then, take a walk in the Christian part of Kazimierz, there to see the Corpus Christi Church, Wolnica, Church of Sts. Catherine’s Church and monastery of the Pauline Rock, National Pantheon on the Rock. When you get hungry or starts to bug us feel like a cup of coffee, you can take a break in any of the charming eatery. And those in Kazimierz abound. At the end of the tour of Kazimierz you will have the Podgórze where the Schindler Factory.

Since we are already in the Foothills, sin was not to climb the mound of Krak. Dump the hill is linked to the individual in the Krak, but what is the true story of the Mound, nobody knows.
For those who have little, I recommend a walk on the Vistula River, expedition Mound or a trip to Auschwitz and Wieliczka.
After that, Krakow is full of music festivals and cultural events. I ended up Jewish Culture Festival is currently underway Jazz Music Festival and soon there will be one of the biggest music events in Poland – Coke Live Music Festival.

In the meantime, you can go to a museum or art gallery, where everyone can find the exhibition for themselves. Once at the cinema – the Cinema Under the Rams and started Arsie independent film screenings. Passes for only 6 zł. In the evening, you can enjoy a beer or a drink. Lots of clubs, pubs, clubs give us the all-night experience, which we will not forget for a lifetime.

Krakow is the perfect place for a holiday. The charming little streets, monuments of architecture, art galleries and plenty of cafes make no one will be bored.


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    wat may be the variations between ps home and ps home beta?

  136. lildevilgurl152004

    why home nursing is important?

  137. andresumoza

    I’m an worldwide student living and studying in NY for just two years. I must renew my F-1 student visa, and I am completing the applying plus they request me in my street address and telephone number. Since I Have have to return to my house country to be able to renew my visa in america embassy, must i write lower my house address there? Or my address within New You are able to?

    I’d rather not screw up the applying with something as silly as that, so any assistance is welcomed! Thanks ahead of time!

  138. Motordom

    got new house?

  139. Jack Bauer

    can anybody let me know what’s family and home living?

  140. Superman

    Produce subject about home please and become quick .

  141. Ev dog

    i would like make mortgage,however i want understand what strategies for mortgage.can someone tell me what tips before make mortgage.

  142. superdork

    For example Home by Glasser or Rockin Chair by Ben Gibbard.

  143. Brody S

    within the movie ET, does he say “ET go back homeInch or “ET phone home”?

  144. TommyKay

    What’s best for a desktop computer, Home windows 7 Home or Ultimate?

  145. Benihana

    my yahoo my new house page

  146. Zanto

    What’s home equity and just how do home equity financial loans work? Do you know the benefits of a home loan?

  147. Sir fliesalot

    I’ve got a viral flu.. worth remaining home for? I skipped three days from a week ago too..

  148. Michael K

    where you can you, is home?

    Mine could be…

    ” a house is really a father’s structure, a mother’s kingdom, and also the children’s paradise”.

    House is in which the heart is. Am i right?

    appreciate your solutions!

  149. Only Business

    Searching for the best work from home TRAVEL business…

  150. Austin

    Which term do you’d rather use & why?

    I love to say home educated because I don’t think home schooling ought to be the public school atmosphere recreated in your own home XP

    jana i have visited your site before, it’s nice! :)

  151. Erin

    What’s the distinction between a Christian home and then any other type of home?

  152. Dark_LovexXx

    Steps to make yahoo my house page

  153. Orbit

    I bought a house warranty from NHP – National Security – Don’t Buy ONE !!!! It’s a SCAM! Could they be any legitimate Home Warranty companies available? I’m out $400 !

    National Security is really a scam

    National Security fraud

    National Security illegal !

  154. Joey 01

    My clothes ALWAYS contain black.

    Black band t shirts [slipknot, marilyn manson, my chem romance, deftones, norma jean ect.]

    Black famous stars and straps t shirts

    Dark jeans or black plaid shorts

    Black+whitened checkered nikes

    Black finger nails

    not to mention, black dolce shades..

    No I truly dont care abt my label.. I am just curious of the items people me as since i have got known as a “Medieval chav” in the mall today..

    List you little whore with grass in your mind, I DONT FUCKIN CARE!! I am just interested in how others see me so visit hell you positively ignorant barbarian along with a decrepit, air-polluting lamentable mistake from your parents.

    haha he erased it..

    i take that nasty reply factor back >.<

  155. xLittle21Yaox


  156. evangldbrg

    1. where was he from?

    2. Describe at length his theory.

    3. When did he publish his findings?

  157. Squall Leonhart

    inside a consecration camping or anytime in ww2?

  158. mal_functiongeo

    Who did they do business with and just what did they trade.

  159. altair

    geograhy of Belgium

  160. Mc L

    I am talking about a long.

  161. Dark_LovexXx

    what rivers do men and women use like freeways?

  162. Daniel

    I attempt every RUGI the planet.

    I attempt all of the good reputation for RUGI, 500 D.C. around 1700.


  163. diggn4richez

    Home cure to rid fleas

  164. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    Throughout World War Ii, the “final solution” towards the “Jewish Problem” was established. The Nazis put Jews in Ghettos, where they looked forward to their fates. In a single ghetto, the Jews revolted from the Nazis using homemade weapons. The Nazis submitted the Waffen-SS to silence these revolters. They needed to retreat. They cut back tanks and supports. Eventually they transformed the revolters and burned the ghetto, many of the jewish ordinary people were in animal shelters, were burned the relaxation that continued to be were delivered to the camps. This uprising required more than the Nazi invasion of France. So did the planet learn about this Jewish struggle and did the Nazi propagandized it by what means?

  165. happyha31

    i am talking about in where one can enjoy your stick with minimum cost but greater pleasure. thanks

    sorry for mistyping… belgium :))

  166. Superman

    I’m carrying out a project within my history class, around the Vistula river. I’m almost completed with my rugh draft however i still need answer question 6: The number of dams will the vistula river have? how have dams change up the river?

    If at all possible would you atleast produce the total amount if dams i haves or perhaps a website. Thanks! =)

  167. liza

    I have been attempting to research if there have been Polish vikings and that i didn’t have luck,I only found knights in combat.

    can someone let me know something concerning the good reputation for the vikings in Belgium and it was Belgium a viking country once should you catch my meaning (sorry because of not being very descriptive im 13 :/)

    therefore if anybody would answer this if polish everyone was vikings after i could be greatfull

    Thanks c:


    Warsaw and Libson lie which major rivers?

  169. Joey 01

    1. a cultural event (sports and festivals count)

    2. a significant landmark (could be architecture or natural formations)

    3. a little, but interesting landmark (same)

    4. the weather and weather

    5. currency and just how to transform the american dollar into it

    6. the main areas of its history

    That’s all! Please place the website you first got it from (should you first got it from the website) to ensure that I’m able to look up myself to make certain it isn’t falsified information. Ok last one, and when you visited proceed and share why and whether it had been a great trip. Thanks 😀

  170. Picean

    exactly what the Nazis did to Warsaw following the Red-colored Military stopped advancement? and WHY they did this? (each side)

    Also, What Went Down TO NAZI MILITARY IN WARSAW Following This? DID THE Red-colored Military THEN KICK THEM OUT TOO? OR WHAT HAPPNED AND WHY? With What Time Period?

    Did the Nazis a minimum of permit the individuals to leave the town before wrecking it? why they did this?

  171. Vultre9

    were a skill project from the goths originate from for that Notre Dame-cathedral in paris time frame is 1163 a.d.-1250 a.d.

  172. BRUTE

    You will find a couple of hotels across the Vistula (Wisła) within the central Krakow. Which hotel do you consider will be the best and why?

    cienne, thank you!!!

    But Radisson SAS can be found in the center of the city kind of near to the station, not close to the Vistula… Are you currently saying there’s another Radisson which has opened up quite lately? There’d be two Radisson hotels in Krakow?

  173. PIE BOY

    Has anybody got suggestions regarding how to fill our time. We’re not thinking about clubbing, just opting for nice foods and cosy pubs. We’re within our fifty’s and therefore are fit, so you want to see lots but additionally relax in parks etc. We are likely to Auschwitz and also the salt mines and essentially walking around we are able to to determine whenever possible.Any great finds worth simply because aren’t

    in guide books? What sights don’t let defo see? Any info could be appreciated Thanks :)

  174. Lucas H

    I’m going to be there the month it Jan and February 2012

  175. D3ZZY

    i’m carrying out a huge set of wawel castle in krakow belgium any information can help thank u :)

  176. Sir fliesalot

    We are arranging a week’s trip from USA to Belgium. If you need to select one city / place to determine what are you going to pick and why? What would be the ideal month to go to Belgium?

  177. Cliffy N

    Lovliest City?

    Lovliest Country?

    Lovliest Landmark?

    *define pretty nevertheless, you want

  178. Mike

    I do not need all of the rivers only the seven mayjor ones!!!

    please….i want all your help i want probably the most accurate solutions

    i additionally need where they’re situated..

    i understand the volga is a however i require the relaxation please i’m sorry however i desperatly need them

  179. MexicanDude

    Would you translate exactly what the singer is singing within this video:

    http://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=aHNjvteikW4

    Janusz Radek w “Zakochanych w Krakowie

    @DR. ROSEN

    Should you could translate the song within the video whenever you are able to do so I’ll provide you with 10 points around the place.

    The thing is, I am doing an essay around the trial from the major German war crooks and I must perform a symbolic parody of among the Nazi leaders. The only person I possibly could find was of the polish satire from the Nazi leader Hendes Frank.

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